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Javascript with PHP

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I have this function on my php script..
echo "
function add() {
var i =1;
var txt = \"SEGID : <select name='segid[]'>";
for ($i=0; $i<count($atm); $i++) {
echo "<option value='PRO$atm[$i]'>PRO$atm[$i]";
echo "</select>\";
txt +=\" Residue : <select name='resi[]'> <option value=ASP>ASP <option value=GLU>GLU <option value=LYS>LYS </select>\";
txt +=\" Residue ID : <input type='text' name='resid[]' + i><br>\";
document.getElementById('prot').innerHTML += txt;

This function adds a set of text boxes everytime you click a button. The problem is, when you click on the button the second time, the values in the first set of text boxes gets reset and i gotta enter them again. is there anyway to prevent that?

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There is a seperate forum for client side issues, I suggest you post this there.

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