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I have been looking for a tutorial to learn how to insert data into a XML file but can't find it.  Could somebody show me a link or tell me how or give me any ideas?

I'm working on a Jukebox that runs on Flash and the info it's feed in using XML and the playlist works wonderful.  The problem is when I want to add or remove a track.  I have to go into the XML and type all the info in, then I have go into the ftp and upload the track manually.  My goal is to create a form where all I do is insert the track name, author, an image of the cover and the mp3 to upload to the server.


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[quote]Programming PHP version 1 or 2
Php in a nutshell [/quote] they are books that will ahve everything you need to know, if not here is an online more indepth version.
There is nothing you can't find out about the subject there.
I can't help with anything specific because I haven't started on that yet, but that should point you in the right direction, the books I listed give all the functions for use with xml in php, and everything about them, how to use them all, and how to combine them together to do different things.

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