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Silly question


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Hi guys I know that this is probably too easy for you but...


How can I move a value from one site to another for exapmle via link? or is there any othre way?


For example I have $information in site welcome.php and I want to use it in site transfer.php. What is the best way to do this?

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If its a different page on the SAME site then just use sessions or cookies

if its the same site or even another site you can use POST or GET (html forms)

it its same site you could include the file and all values will work..


can you explain what your trying.

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First of all thaks a lot for every info so far...

I guess I should be more specific. What I need is get a integer that represents a bank balance of customer from a database, store it to a variable for exemple $balance. This should be happening on the first page and I think it's not problem to do for me. On second page I want to use this integer to see if user can transfer some amount of money and in second step decrese his curent balance.

Big deal for me is hov to transfer this balance.

I hope I made my selfe clear.

Thanks for all your help.

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