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mysql database help

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OK. SO this will a my very first project. It's very simple but since I do not know any mysql stuff.

I need to make a database with following three items.

1) City Name
2) Country in which city is located in.
3) City's Zip Code

That will be the MySQL part.

On the php section. I want to make a search.php page in which you can type any of the above and it will return a small table with all of the values.

For example.
If in my database. there were:
San Fransisco, California, 95001
San Jose, California, 95111
new york city, new york, 10111

and in the search.php's search box if I was to type 10111. The results will return me New York City, New Youk, 10111.

Contact me for more info. Thanks and have a peaceful day.

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Sounds simple enough... you'll need to make a DB table with the appropriate columns, as you've decribed.  Your PHP code can contain a simple MySQL query to pull back this information and display it nicely.  There are many tutorials around that can help you with these basic steps.

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