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Zend Framework OOP design question

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I'l try to keep this short. Let's say in my ZF MVC application I have so far 3 objects with each their model, view and controller.

- Object 1 is a tree, through wich users will be able to add, remove and displace items.

- Object 2 is a list of items that can be drag and dropped into the tree.

- Object 3 is the detail of the items.


I have these three objects which make up different part of my application. My question is: Do I need an "application" object that I would create over these 3 objects that would in fact instantiate each one and mesh it all together?


Thanks for clarifying.


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Zend's application object is used to boostrap your entire application, sure you can use it to boot parts at a time but that is more useful when debugging (parts) or calling your application under different circumstances (eg, from the command line).


I'm not sure exactly what your trying to achieve.

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