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[SOLVED] time.windows.com


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You can always use other timeservers besides time.windows.com


$timeserver = "time-C.timefreq.bldrdoc.gov";

function query_time_server ($timeserver, $port) {
$timevalue = null;
$fp = fsockopen($timeserver, $port, $err, $errstr, 5);
if ($fp) {
	$timevalue = fread($fp,49);

$ret = array( $timevalue,
			  $err,			//	error code
			  $errstr		//	error text
}	//	function query_time_server()

$timercvd = query_time_server($timeserver,13);

if (!$timercvd[1]) {
$timevalue = $timercvd[0];
echo 'Time check from time server ',$timeserver,' : [<font color="red">',$timevalue,'</font>]';
} else {
echo 'Unfortunately, the time server $timeserver could not be reached at this time. ';
echo $timercvd[1].' '.$timercvd[2];

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