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ACCESS & PHP Select Query Issue


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I have a client who needs a portal web page built so their clients can access limited information from their database.  The unfortunate part is the program they are using (and don't/won't replace), uses ACCESS as it's database.


My ODBC connection works great.  My problem comes when I try to retrieve information from a field name that has a space in it, i.e. Patient Number.  I can't change the field names and no matter what I use to enclose it (`,', or "), it doesn't seem to work.  I get the "no tuples..." error message.  Is there anything else I can try to solve this situation?


Thanks for your help.



if (!$conn)
  {exit("Connection Failed: " . $conn);}



<title>PHP and MS ACCESS</title>



print('<table align="center" width=90%>');




$sql="select * from Patient where `Patient Number`='1'";
$row=odbc_exec($conn, $sql);

          $card_num =odbc_result($row,5);
          $credit =odbc_result($row,6);
          $phone =odbc_result($row,7);
          $address =odbc_result($row,;
          $city =odbc_result($row,9);
          $state =odbc_result($row,10);
          $zip =odbc_result($row,11);

print('<tr><td>'.$cardid.'</td><td>'. $name.'</td><td>'.$type.'</td><td>'.$expired.'</td><td>'.$card_num.'</td><td>'.$credit.'</td><td>'. $phone.'</td><td>'.$address.'</td><td>'.$city.'</td><td>'.$state.'</td><td>'.$zip.'</td></tr>');


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The backticks (`) should be the proper formatting for this according to PHP's legal-names. However, can you set the code to use the backticks and copy the error to here? I think pasting the exact output error and/or the apache error_log would help those who view the thread more info to help out.



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