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Probs with mysql

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Ok so I have this page that needs to create around 40400 records in a mysql DB
If I execute every sql statement seperately the page takes about 15 min to load.
To save loadtime, I'm trying to execute ALL 40400 sql query's at the same time.
Like this =>

INSERT INTO [table][tr][td]([fields]) VALUES([values]); INSERT...

The sql statement works on a mysql monitor. but guess what => it doesn't work on a php webpage...
any way to fix this, or a work around way...

or even other methods to reduce load time?

Plz help

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First, you can use a multi-valued INSERT statment, so that you don't have to issue to many inserts (though 40K might be too many, depending on the max. packet size).  Second, I don't know what you mean about => not working.  Also, you can use INSERT DELAYED.

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