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Manually Bounce E-mail from server

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This is a long shot, but I figured I might as well ask...

I have a catch-all address at my domain name which I really like using.  It delivers mail sent to any address at my domian name directly to my inbox.

anytime I have to give an address online, I use [i]that[/i] site's name as my mailbox name @ mydomain.com.
for example, when I registered here, I probably gave my address as something like:
phpfreaks.com@mydomain.com (where mydomain.com = my website).
That way, if I start receving spam that was sent to that address - I know who to blame.

Ok, so here's my problem:

Spammers send spam to randomMailBoxes@mydomain.com and they end up in my inbox. I want a way to manually bounce those e-mails back with a 554 delivery error.  Is this possible?

I've built a number of applications using IMAP function in PHP - I know I could flag the e-mail as unread - but any idea how I could then tell my mail server to bounce the mail?  Thoughts? Brainstorms?

I know there is software out there (like http://www.mailwasher.net ) that does pretty much what I want - but I want something I can build myself and turn into an online application and add as an extension into my current browser based mail client projects.

Thanks for ANY ideas!


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