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I am trying to parse an XML file for 3 of it's fields, but I have no idea how to. I know in PHP5 we have SimpleXML, but what can I use in PHP4? Below is an example of one of the items in the XML file. The fields in bold are the ones I need.

[b]<title>Gemineye - Break Neck Radio (The Afro-Takeover)</title>[/b]


01. (Intro) Spencer Doran - First of All 02. J. Dilla - Thunder 03. Blu - Soul Amazing (Soul Provider Remix) 04. Session - Freestyle 05. Jahi feat. Dwele - On My Own 06. Q-Tip feat. Andre 3000 - That's Sexy 07. (Break #1) Cyrus Tha Great - Island Music 08. Jay-Z - 99 Problems (DL's Firefly Remix) 09...
<pubDate>Mon, 31 Jul 2006 10:27:33 EDT</pubDate>
<source url="http://feeds.feedburner.com/DDJiMix">Digital-DJs.com (Podcasts)</source>
<enclosure [b]url="http://broadcast.underground-fusion.com:8080/iMixes/Gemineye/Break%20Neck%20Radio%20(The%20Afro-Takeover).mp3"[/b] type="audio/mpeg"/>
<media:content url="http://broadcast.underground-fusion.com:8080/iMixes/Gemineye/Break%20Neck%20Radio%20(The%20Afro-Takeover).mp3" type="audio/mpeg"/>


Michael Boutros

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use an xml class like this one:


There are many others available.

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