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Uploading images into a MySql Database

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I\'m not looking to directly send the images to the database because I don\'t want the database to get too large with data.


I would like to use the database to reference an image file on the server or hard drive and load the image (or images) using PHP code on a Browser.


I\'ve looked at every related post here and still didn\'t find what I was looking for. Or at least find a good step by step process.


Please! Give me a step by step process.

1) What would the PHP code look like that sends the reference to the database.

2) Perhaps example SQL code to show how the table parameters would look like that takes the reference.

3) What would the reference look like in the record once the record has been created.

2) How to call the the images in PHP code to be viewed in a browser. Do you request a path from the database?


Just a step by step process so idiots like me can get it straight.



Dick :?

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are you going to upload all the photo's in one directory or have a tree....


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