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function case sensitivity + security


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Problem Number 1: I happen to use sometimes the name of functions that already exists like count(), isset(), but change them into Count(), and IsSet() now when I do this I get the problem that the parser tells me that I can not redeclare these functions, does somebody know how I can make functions case sensitive, My server is running on windows, so yes that is my first problem... :d

Problem Number 2: If anybody of you is experienced in security, then please feel free to share your information with me! Or even just tell me things where I need to pay attention to! Because I know that private and public just don't do the trick...

P.S.: English is not my native language, but you already knew that?
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all function names are case insensitive.  Why are you wanting to redefine already existing functions?

For your security question, refer to this thread:


Which is only about 10 threads down.  Please at least make the smallest effort to do a search before asking the same question as someone else has a million times before.
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effort? I created that word!! And I already readed that topic, check my post!! However your answer is not really on-topic, unless you mean all functions are case insensitive is the best answer you can come up with! I wanna know how I can make it case sensitive! And then why I want to redeclare them? because I use them in OO. And when I want a certain count I don't gonna declare my function as: giveMeTheTotalNumber();
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This thread is more than a year old. Are you sure you have something important to add to it?

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