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Textarea - onkeydown

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I have a form with a textarea.  On submission of the form, everything within the textarea would be echoed on the next page.  The only thing is that everything that is echoed out is in one continuous line.  I want it so that when someone presses enter, there would be a break. 

Something like this form when starting a new topic or replying.  Where i can hit enter and when displayed on the forum, it is on a new line.  What i have done so far is onkeydown event call to check if the enter key is hit, if so do obj.value += '<br>'.  What this does is add <br> at the end of the textarea.  How can i get it so that <br> will not appear and also be placed anywhere in the textarea when entered is hit.

Thanks in advance.

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if your using PHP to echo the text area's value, you don't need any java script before submitting.
just use the [url=http://www.php.net/nl2br]nl2br()[/url] function of PHP.


echo nl2br($_POST['textarea']);


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