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tag cloud question


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I would like to create a tag cloud .. but not from a defined array .... but from a column in a database with many entries within a date range ... it could have 100s of entries


my table has the following columns

date, column1, column2, rating



I basically want to find out which are the most common words in column 1 and column 2


a row with date might look like this


record 1

date:2009-07-16 09:10:33Z

column1:red, blue, green

column2: hot, sunny



record 2

date:2009-07-15 09:00:13Z

column1:red, blue

column2: cold, wet




what is the best approach to doing this?


Here is a tutorial I found on tag clouds .. but it's based off a defined array .. I want to base my off my columns that might have hundred of tags and duplicates .. etc


function createTagCloud($tags)  
    //I pass through an array of tags  
    foreach($tags as $tag)  
        $id = $tag['id']; //the tag id, passed through  
        $name = $tag['tag']; //the tag name, also passed through in the array  
        //using the mysql count command to sum up the tutorials tagged with that id  
        $sql = "SELECT COUNT(*) AS totalnum FROM tutorials WHERE tags LIKE '%".$id."%' AND published = 1";  


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I want to count how many times words exist in various entires ... so for example if I had these three entries:


#1 - health, sun, dog, cat

#2 - health, sun, cloud, rain

#3 - health, apple, ice cream, cloud


I would like the the script to return the number of times each word is used

(3) health

(2) sun

(2) cloud

(1) dog

(1) cat

(1) rain


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