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A tutorial request

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Maybe I am missing something, but I don't see any tutorials on exchanging data between pages other than thru mysql.  After poking around a bit, I get the feeling that it is done thru http but I'm really not sure.

I have looked on php.net but to me that is just a bunch of words with no real meaning.  Can anyone perhaps do a tute on this?

Let me explain a bit more what I am looking for and perhaps it will be a little clearer what kind of tutorial I mean.  I am trying to make a one click installer for the membership system I built using phpfreak's tutorial.  I need to have the variables in a file for the connection file to draw from.

Phpfreak, are you up to the task?  I know you are, and I hope you will do it.  Please?



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I think you can get the information you want out of the cookie tutorials.  You could also do this with text files, and again, I think there are tutorials for that there as well.

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