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an interesting php problem regarding checkboxes

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hello friends this is arun here

                            friends i m working on a project in php and facing some problem but i hope i got a solution here.

my problem : i have a invitees_present form which is connected to a database in mysql.
now when i run my page it retrives some names from the database and corresponding chack box.
now i have to check some selected check boxes and then store the values in database table. but on the onclick of check boxes at client side how i can save these values in database.one more thing to remember is that the number of checkboxes i got are dynamic in nature how i can named all these. is there any concept of array in html or otherthings i have to do .

                    help me ,your suggession can build a good project by me
                      thanks in advanced


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Do update the database from the client side you will need to use ajax. Its fairly easy.

you can indeed create arrays of elements in html : use name="chkbx[1]" , chkbx[2] etc.

Or just chkbx[] if you want these fields to auto generate their indices.

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chkbox[] also works in php.
it will make the results an array for you to play with

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