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DOMDocument::Simulate the working of innerHTML

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If been trying to create a DOMPage class, wich I plan on using as sort of an "indexed output buffer". Don't know how else to put it.

Anyway, it uses php5's DOMDocument class. Thing is, I want to be able to attach whole chunks of html to the document, sort of like innerHTML works (wich unfortunately isn't supported, nor in the recommendation).

Below is what I attempted in the form of DOMPage::appendChunk().

It won't work though, I get a 'Wrong Document Error' exception.

So my guess is it's not possible to attach one objects node to another objects node.
I was afraid of that but was hoping if the nodes where of the same document type it would work. It won't, that much is clear.

The question: Anyone got any other ideas on how to simulate the working of innerHTML?

class DOMPage
public $domDoc;
public $docElement;
public $head;
public $title;

function __construct()
$this->domDoc = new DOMDocument();
//root element:
$this->docElement = $this->domDoc->createElement('html');
//DomDocument settings:
$this->domDoc->validateOnParse = true;
$this->domDoc->preserveWhitespace = false;
$this->domDoc->formatOutput = true;
//Create pagehead element:
$this->head = $this->domDoc->createElement('head');
$this->head = $this->docElement->appendChild($this->head);
public function appendChunk($parentNode, $html)
$chunkDoc = new DOMDocument();
if(!$chunkDoc->loadHTML($html)) {
echo $chunkDoc->documentElement->firstChild->firstChild->nodeName;

$body = $page->body(); //Returns the 'body' element node of $page->domDoc.

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Nevermind, I think I've found what I was looking for.


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Hmmm. I found a method that seems more appropiate than creating a separate instance of DOMDocument, DOMDocumentFragment->appendXML(), but run into a problem with HTML enitities: they aren't defined.

This is my most recent attempt:
public function appendChunk($parentNode, $chunk)
$frag = $this->domDoc->createDocumentFragment();
$publ = $this->domDoc->createElement('public');
if(!$frag->appendXML($chunk)) {
throw new Exception('Appending chunk failed.');

I got the public tag idea from a user comment on php.net, but can't get it to work.

$this->systemId conatains the path to a local xhtml dtd.

Ideas anyone?

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