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HELP! need advice/direction with setting up usergroups

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k im working on a cms and im not sure how i do usergroups like admin, moderator, member, guest, etc. how would i go about doing it? do i absolutely HAVE TO use/learn bitwise in order to do it, or can i do it through just mysql and php? :s

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There is an open source class, phpgacl, that does what you want very well. 


GALs, or Generic Access Lists, are a very confusing topic to describe, however, the manual for phpgacl does an outstanding job.  Even if you don't use the class, I highly recommend reading about GALs in their manual for a better understanding.

They even use the Star Wars characters in the examples, which makes it amusing to read if nothing else.

A system very similar to phpgacl is used by Joomla and Drupal for their user control.

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