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When will I need to start optimizing my db and stuff?


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Hi all

I have a facebook application. Basically the database part of it stores whatever photos user's have added to the app.

I'm a total newb when it comes to php/mysql, can only do simple stuff. However the app has currently grown to just over 20k users, with phpmyadmin informing me there's 57,279 records added. I have no idea when this is going to be too big for me to handle (i am totally new to all this)


Basically it's one table called "userphotos"

5 fields:

id - bigint(20)

profile_id - bigint(20)

aid - bigint(20)

owner - bigint(20)

profile_type - varchar(20) latin1_swedish_ci

None of the above null.


I currently have my indexes like so


Keyname Type Cardinality Action Field

profile INDEX 19094 profile_id


I think this is right, because most of my queries are like (selecting from where that field = something)

SELECT * FROM photos where profile_id='" . $profile_id . "'


Should i worry about the increasing size of the database yet? or?

(currently growing at 2-5k records a day i think)


I've heard of slowdown/etc with large databases, but have no idea how long it's gonna be before i get to that stage. (I have no idea about any of this  :confused: )




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you should optimize regardless of how many users you have. use indexes on the information you are most likely to query and is also not a primary key. dont use select * unless you need every single field in that table. query the exact fields you need. other than that, without looking at your relations i cant say much more. if you have admin access, you could also play around with your mysql settings. show variables; will give you around 264 settings to play with.

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