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[SOLVED] CMS and template customisation help


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Hi guys? I need help and guidance on how to deal with CMS and templates: Joomla in particular

Either to

Use any template in joomla,that is not necessarily a joomla-based template.




Come up with my own engine that I can use on any template.


I believe  the above 2 are more or less the same.


Any guidance, tools or sources?

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Thanks for your reply. I need to know how to edit any template to make it usable in joomla or be able to use joomla on any template.


Mate I made you a short tutorial, and I have put it on this address Customise Your Template To Use In Joomla it is just a nightly written so I do apologise for any grammar mistake, I will ask my copywriter to look at it.


Just let me know if you have any other probelm.



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