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major php problems with windows server 2003 sp1

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We use mySQL/PHP for Expression Engine (Pmachine.com) a great CMS for our website.  However, we've run into MAJOR conflicts using windows server 2003 sp1 with php-cgi.exe, which choked the CPU.  We then used an alternate install with and without the sp1.  Without sp1 we had a ntdll.dll problem which we limited, and now w3wp.exe takes 90+% of the cpu. 

The servers are new and max on capability.  With sp1, there's a significant PHP conflict, but my IT didn't specify the exact problem.  We're running MS virtual servers with replication.   

We can't possibly be the only ones who have run into this problem.  My IT is a MS genius but totally new to PHP.  Our entire site is nuked until we get some help.  Thank you in advance. 

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Do you recommend we add apache? We're not familiar with it, but this issue has become so paralyzing, we may have to learn.

Thank you in advance.

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