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need to convert passwords/userrnames into format my php script can use

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: I have a newspaper website I'm developing. We have thousands of subscribers and a piece of circulation software that can give us tables of names and numbers we can use for usernames and passwords. I have a simple security script I found online that wants me to format my usernames and passwords like this:

:  'zubrag' => 'root',
:  'test' => 'testpass',
:  'admin' => 'passwd'
: );

: Is there a way I can take a chunk of names and passwords and use a program to make it format them properly? A program that can be defined to take the first word and put the ' on either side, add a space, add the =>, add another space, etc.?
: Anything you can do to help me would be most appreciated. I'm in the dark here. I need someone to point me in the right direction.

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Sorry.. I dont understand your question. You want to build a dynamic array of names and passwords from what? How does this software produce the names / passwords? Can you get them into a file? What?

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You mean open up the dbase of names and then read them into an array in that format?

Assuming that you have read the dbase of names probly from a file into an array $dbase.

foreach($dbase as $word){
  if($i=0){ $text="\`".$word."\` => \`root\`,";
  if($i=1){ $text="\`".$word."\` => \`testpass\`,";
  if($i=2){ $text="\`".$word."\` => \`passwd\`";

$login_information = array($array);

Not sure if that is what you mean, or if it will even work.

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