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ZF Twitter plugin over Crontab


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i’m trying to use zend frameworks ”twitter plugin” over crontab. I haven’t made any actual framework application, just using plugin that comes with zend framework…


I’m calling the zf twitter plugin with this code:

require_once 'Zend/Service/Twitter.php';
$twitter = new Zend_Service_Twitter('_user_', '_pwd_');
$response = $twitter->status->userTimeline();
$twitterstatus = (string)$response->status[0]->text;

// after this ‘$twitterstatus’ is saved to mysql – this part works just fine…


I also tried to use absolute path in “require” line… and even with the absolute path php does not run this code, when it is executed by crontab (code runs just fine when executed by browser).


Any ideas how should this code be called so it would work over crontab?


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Zend Framework requires that it's in the include_path unless you use it's namespace auto loader.


this is done, and code is working just fine when it is executed from browser... but when it is executed with crontab it is not working...

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Exactly how doesn't it work then? Some distributions of Linux use different php.ini files for CLI and Apache. If you changed the include_path for the Apache one you might have to change it in the other one as well.

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