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session question

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ask your guy a session question:
I have a website, after user login, it show left and right frame.
left frame is menu and right frame is the content of the link.

now the server has session expire in 24 minutes.
if the user has not action in 24 minutes, the session expired, after it when the user click the link in the left frame, the right frame page redirect to login page again since no session.

The user login again and is showed welcome page. but the left frame still remain same.
now the user click the link on left frame again and the link content is showed.

My queston is: the left frame is now using new session?
every page has session_start.

or shoud do it: when session expire, not only the right page shows login page but also left frame shows front left page? I even know how to do it yet.

just askif it is ok for user use pages like it  first since the remote server constantly unable to connect to mysql server by port number.  I am wondering if I cause it.

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Keep in mind that PHP is completely unaware of different frames within the same page.  All content within a page will use the same session, however whether different parts get updated at different times is up to you and how the user has requested the update.

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