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Browser cache

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I've got this code at the start of each page:
[code]header('Cache-Control: no-cache');
  header('Pragma: no-cache');[/code]
Users upload their profile pic and it is stored on the server always as profile.jpg in their own folder. Its viewing perfectly fine but when they upload a new one the previous image is shown as its cached - how can I tell the browser to reload the image without using a different filename for the image? I've even tried placing a full URL to the image including http:// to no avail and I've spent ages searching on Google for a solution also to no avail.

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create a random number, then 'call' the image thus:

[code]<img src="path/to/profile.jpg?random" width ... height ... alt....>[/code]

Browsers 'think' that's a different image from the one in their cache

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