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question regarding the like statement

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Suppse I have a column in my database called Description with the the following rows in the coumn:

I am an artist
I am an art teacher

and i want to check to see if any of the rows in that column contain the word "art" - art as its own word, not as part of a word.

so i use this peiece of code to find the records that have art and print them to the page:

$query = "select Description from TableName where (Description like '%art%')";
while ($row = @mysql_fetch_array($query , MYSQL_ASSOC)) {
  print $row{'Description'} . "<br>";

however the above code with the like statement returns both the records, where as I only want to return the second record that has "art" - as its a match for a whole word in that row, not as part of a word (ie. the like statement sees "art" as a match with "artist", but i dont want it too.

am i making sense? if so, can the above code be modified too do what i want.


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Well, you can use a REGEXP match, and add word boundaries.

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