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HTTP Request with PHP

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Can someone let me know how I can send a HTTP request with PHP.  I would like to know because I have a sitemap for Google Sitemaps and I need to send a ping to Google when I update my sitemap and I don't want to do it manually every day.  Thanks in advance!

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Use curl or sockets.

Here is an example that uses sockets to read a url:


function http_get($url) {
  $url_stuff = parse_url($url);
  $port = isset($url_stuff['port']) ? $url_stuff['port'] : 80;
  $fp = fsockopen($url_stuff['host'], $port);
  $query  = 'GET ' . $url_stuff['path'] . " HTTP/1.0\n";
  $query .= 'Host: ' . $url_stuff['host'];
  $query .= "\n\n";
  fwrite($fp, $query);
  while ($tmp = fread($fp, 1024)) {
      $buffer .= $tmp;

  preg_match('/Content-Length: ([0-9]+)/', $buffer, $parts);
  return substr($buffer, - $parts[1]);

echo http_get("http://rss.slashdot.org/Slashdot/slashdot");


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