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PHP Form Processor in iFrame?

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How would I include a form processor in an iframe on an html page so that the form action would be "page.php" and "page.php" is in an iframe on "page2.html"?

And if that was too confusing:

page.htm is the page with the form
page.php is the processor
page2.htm is another page that contains the form processor in an iframe

How would I code that?

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you would have to make page2 a php file so it could do something with the variables posted/got from the form previously.  Then have the source of teh iframe set to page.php?var1=x&var2=y
you would generate the strings through php for teh url....

hope that helps

but the real question is why the hell would you want to.

(Some may tell that I have frames/iframes with a passion

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