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Please Help my PHP Dating Function.


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the Gayner is just adding something like seconds i dont know why you guys are making it so hard. im pretty sure all that he neeeds to do is divide the etime variable by  60 and then use that one function to uh... get the remainder...(dont round)


$etime = 428939; ///the number differnce
$minute = 60;
$seconds = fmod($etime, $minute);
echo $seconds;

i think ive stuck gold here folks. i was right about the main point. this is the EASIEST WAY TO ASS SECONDS. nd if u reread thats what Gayner asked.




u guys are u incoherent? i figured it out. look!

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This works?


Could probably be shortened but just as a concept:


   function timeDifference($previousTime)
      $epoch = time();
      $differenceEpochPrevious = $epoch - $previousTime;
      $differencePreviousNow = time() - $differenceEpochPrevious;

      $timeDifferences = array(
         'year' => date('Y') - date('Y', $differencePreviousNow),
         'month' => date('m') - date('m', $differencePreviousNow),
         'day' => date('d') - date('d', $differencePreviousNow),
         'hour' => date('H') - date('H', $differencePreviousNow),
         'minuite' => date('i') - date('i', $differencePreviousNow),
         'second' => date('s') - date('s', $differencePreviousNow),

      $outputString = '';

      foreach($timeDifferences as $timeString => $value)
         if($value > 1)
            $outputString .= $value . ' ' . $timeString . 's ';
         } elseif($value > 0) {
            $outputString .= $value . ' ' . $timeString . ' ';

      $outputString .= 'ago.';

      return $outputString;

   echo(timeDifference(strtotime('-1 year -12 months')));


EDIT: http://gaming-network.ath.cx/time.php




8minutes, 20second's ago! HAha I FINALLY Got this to work thanks to u bro!!!


I Really love you no homo but seriously, this script is epic, kudo's to ur brain and soul my broski!



lol All i needed was the 20second's ago added to the 8minutes, took us 4pages but i got it! :)







Whenever u get to the next minute, it stays at 11minutes ago until the first minute is up then it start's displaying the second after, could u fix this?

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