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  1. I got this with quotes in NB 6.8. I can swear to Rasmus it wasn't working this way in 6.7 and below. I have NB 6.8 Beta at home and it works correctly with parens. I haven't noticed one way or the other with quotes; if I remember I'll check tonight.
  2. Earlier in the thread I mentioned that I use this IDE as well. The only other IDE that compared in terms of speed was Zend 5.5, which was the version before ZendEclipse. There is one thing that PHPED does that drives me insane to no end though. When it auto-completes a function it puts the caret between the parens, which is fine. But when you type the closing paren yourself it adds an extra paren instead of just overwriting the existing one. I tried to find a setting that controls this but couldn't. Example: file_get_contents(|); // # Typed: file_get_cont<space> file_get_contents('foo'|); // # Typed: 'foo' file_get_contents('foo')|); // #typed: ) // and now there's two closing parents
  3. Were you transferring in binary, ascii, or auto?
  4. I've used eclipse and netbeans both in addition to IDEs written in C or C++. I'm going to have to agree with keldorn that Java-based IDEs are slow in general and can become completely unusable in large projects or when large files are opened. I've also noticed that Java applications tend to have worse performance on Windows than they do on Linux. For what it's worth, I still use netbeans at home because it's free. I also use eclipse at work to design reports.
  5. Can we add PhpED from NuSphere? It's a very nice IDE. http://www.nusphere.com/products/index.htm
  6. Not related to editors, but you folks shouldn't be using FTP to transfer your livelihood around. Use SSH.
  7. Other - PhpEd from nuSphere. vim is nice as well.
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