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I keep getting 'Error inserting data' whenever I try to send data from my form to my db. 

It has got to be a character type error on the db because I was able to add a record to the table manually.  So, it must be something to do with my HTML code.  I have used OPTION (SELECT SIZE) fields as well as TEXT (INPUT TYPE) fields.

For the VALUE tag I am  putting in e.g. VALUE="<? echo $fn ?>"/>

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"Error inserting data" isn't a helpful error message at all since it provides no useful information.

I'd suggest getting into the habit of using useful error messages such as:

[code]$query = "INSERT .... whatever your query is ....";
$result = mysql_query($query) or die("Error: ". mysql_error(). " with query ". $query); // useful error message[/code]

Try a variant of that in your own code and post the actual results you get (unless it's so obvious you can fix the problem immediately)

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