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getting the product from 2 arrays.

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I'm making a script where i want to multiply  from 2 columns in a mySQL database and sum the product.

1 User submit values in a form  (grade and accent style(in climbing)) (they see a string but the values are  int.)
2 Theese values are stored in a db
3 i use a quiery to display them in a table but now and the numbers are converted to strings from an array.
4 i multiply the grade and the accentstyle integers and get the individual score the route produced..

so far so good

5 i now want to sum the individual route score to a scoretotal for each person, but so far i haven't managed to both multiply the  2 columns and sum them.  i have tried to create a multidimentional array and use array_product($multidimarray)  but with no luck so far...

can some one please help... 

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Either of these two should work for you:

[code]$grad = array($row['Grad']);
$bestigning = array($row['Bestigning']);

$score = $grad[0] * $bestigning[0];
echo $score;

$score = array($row['Grad'], $row['Bestigning']);

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Hmm well i still can't get it to work.

But i have  altered the form and insert.php to insert  the score in the database.

I can get the  total score in MyPHPadmin  using this quiery:

[quote][code=php:0][code=php:0]$sql = 'SELECT SUM(score) FROM `ruter` WHERE Navn = \'"username"\' ORDER BY `Grad` LIMIT 0,20';[/code][/quote]

So my question is: How can i display the SUM(score) result from the database...

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