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Help me - I need to ducument an entire web portal!!!!

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Hi Guys

I've been working on this portal for my company. It was initially pretty much build up 90 percent by a couple of guys who left the company before I joined to make the finishing touches. The thing is that its nicely done except for a few glitches here and there but unfortunately the previous developers didn't take out the time or the trouble to make any form of documentation of the portal - no database designs, no technical specs, no user manual. I've gotten an understanding of how the system works and even made together a database design from the existing databse, however I need to like reverse engineer the design of the web portal as a complete web solution PLUS I need to write out a detailed user manual as well as work on test scenarios - in short everything has got to be documented. ???

This seems to be the hard part of the development process - I was wondering if anyone could provide a template to user documentations of web solutions PLUS any ideas on documenting the entire systems design - I know a bit of UML but if anyones got links to easy to follow tutorials or articles to document web applications that would be a great help.

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