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Adding php to a file, using another php file.

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I am trying to create a php file, and add some php coding to that file, using another php file.
Heres the code that I am using:

$add = "<?php $handle3 = fopen(\"$short/status.php\", \"w\"); fputs($handle3, \"Ip Adress here\"); fclose($handle3); header(\"Location: http://$long\"); ?>";

mkdir("/home/smallurl/public_html/$short", 0777);
$handle = fopen("$short/index.php", "w");
fputs($handle, "$add"); 

$handle2 = fopen("$short/status.php", "w");
fputs($handle2, ""); 

The code that is in the var $add, is the bit added to the file. But when added to the file it comes out as this:

[code]<?php  = fopen("plugworld/status.php", "w"); fputs(, "Ip Adress here"); fclose(); header("Location: http://www.plug-world.net"); ?>[/code]

The Vars are no longer there.

Can anyone help?


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Try escaping the dollar sign on every var:
$handle3 becomes \$handle3


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