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PHP includes fine in one place but has error when moved under folders?

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Hi there
I have just started playing around with PHP includes and have tested it.
When I do it under something like my homepage, its fine. But when I start to create folders and place it under there, an error message keeps coming.
For example.. if I place <? include("/includes/foot.php") ?> in index.php it works fine.
If I create a folder, then copy and paste the exact some thing on a doc and save it under this new folder (so now its something like /about/index.php), an error comes up about something like not being able to open the stream or something.

I'm really sorry if this question has already been asked, but I dont really know what the term is so couldnt do a search.
Thanks in advance.
Kind regards

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take a little time studying the manual entry for include(). it doesn't take absolute paths very well. if you're looking to include a file from different locations, you really ought to try and declare a relative path based on the current directory. so:
// if you are trying to include from your root folder:

// if you are trying to include from /about/index.php:

hope this helps

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If you need to use absolute paths, use realpath() before calling include/require:

[code]<?php include realpath('/path/to/file.php'); ?>[/code]

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