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  1. [quote author=redbullmarky link=topic=67269.msg987599#msg987599 date=1221079510] haha yeah!!! i remember gorillas (the example sourcecode/game that came with it) very well - loved it! [/quote] Nice. I had forgotten about that, but with your comment, a wave of memories came flooding back. I actually guess I started coding on my TI99 as a kid (whatever language that was), but I distinctly remember my first real interest being when I was using gwbasic and then on to qbasic.
  2. [quote author=micah1701 link=topic=67269.msg838299#msg838299 date=1205328424] php didn't exist when i was 12.  ::)  (actually, no one knew what the Internet was when i was twelve either) but I did teach myself qbasic around that time. That was my first programing "language." [/quote] LONG LIVE QBASIC!!! ;)
  3. [quote author=ProjectFear link=topic=106377.msg976533#msg976533 date=1219907446] He is doing the Clone Wars again, animated though. [/quote] The thing about that, though, is that it's not a new concept at all. The [i]Clone Wars[/i] style in the CGI movie is patterned after the Cartoon Network series that aired in three seasons from 2003 - 2005.
  4. [quote author=ProjectFear link=topic=106377.msg970676#msg970676 date=1219301553] I find it annoying when people say you're supposed to watch Star Wars in the order of I, II, III, IV, V, VI... Why the hell would he make the last three first if you were supposed to wait 25 years before seeing the first three. -_-" [/quote] I wouldn't say you're necessarily [i]supposed[/i] to watch them in the numerical order. That's the nice thing about prequels and well written stories that can each be completely self-contained. In an interview I read a long time ago, Lucas selected episodes IV, V and VI initially because he felt they were the ones most prone to holding up a solid story on the big screen (understandably so, given the time they were made). Interesting to think that now there are well over 50 [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Star_Wars_books]Star Wars books[/url] available to read. Thankfully, I don't think that Lucas will be trying to make them all into movies ;) [quote author=corbin link=topic=106377.msg971457#msg971457 date=1219362025] I must concur on LotR being better than Star Wars.  Then again, I prefer fantasy over sci-fi in general. [/quote] Definitely have to agree here. I had thankfully read all the LoTR books a second time shortly before [i]The Fellowship of the Ring[/i] came out, so I was once again reminded of the creative license that movie makers are (sadly) able to take in some cases. I mean, I've never really understood how a movie maker could completely change a character from a book or just decide to leave them out of the story completely (Tom Bombadil, for example). I still must say that, as a movie, the LoTR trilogy is one of my favorites. As for other fantasy writing in general, I've enjoyed reading Robert Jordan's [i]Wheel of Time[/i] series (although there are a couple duds in there) as well as reading Terry Goodkind's [i]Sword of Truth[/i] books. I would like to see someone get license to do a couple of the better stories in either of those series, too.
  5. Well, I for one would like to welcome all the "newer" members who have been becoming more regular. It's great to get to know everyone a little better through this thread, and I hope you all will remain regular to the forums. I can vouch for the fact that you'll get much more satisfaction from the community from a long stay than just popping your head in to get a question answered here and there
  6. While this is technically true, it's extremely easy to run XSS hijacks on POST methods, too, especially with the tools that are available that override some of the server side restrictions put on user forms and such. That's actually how I discovered the XSS vulnerability in this forum. I agree with the comment about not storing session variables in a cookie unless absolutely necessary (which it is for some optional features at times).
  7. I typically come up with a fairly lengthy string that has meaning to me or to my site and then write it up in 3l1t3 sp34k or something similar. That way, I can remember it fairly easily, but it would be nearly impossible for someone to just guess.
  8. Hey, busi, before you close up shop for the day, you may want to check this out: go to the following page in the forum: http://www.example.com/forums.php?view=topic&t=1 and go to page 7... Apparently, your forum is open to XSS attacks. I was able to insert some javascript on the page that echoes out the user's session cookie... not good. edit changed original URL at request of OP
  9. FPDF is a free library that allows you to generate PDFs on the fly. Then, you can just attach it to an email and you're set.
  10. If you are encrypting them with MD5, or even the MySQL PASSWORD, you will not be able to see it. You need to encrypt them when you insert them, and then remember to check against that encryption when you run your login. That's what sspoke is talking about.
  11. Don't know ober's reasoning for not changing it, but here's mine: if you're going to spend the time to go back to a post after 650+ views, you're probably going to want to bump it again, anyway. That being said, the only way to do that is to add a new reply. If you have new information to add or update, the best way to do so would be a new post anyway. If there is a misspelling or something bigger that you catch after 650+ views, you probably are ready for a new thread anyway
  12. Why is that? If they're dynamically created, there shouldn't be enough overhead to worry about. Although, if you're looking at keeping them all in an array, why not just modify the post array and keep them in there: <?php foreach ($_POST as $k => $v) { $_POST[$k] = strip_tags(trim($v)); } // Then, you can just access your $_POST variables, and they're clean ?> I guess I'm just not understanding your point, Orio ???
  13. Because you are simply using the field name (in lower case) for your variable names, you could auto-generate your variables and run all your checks like this: <?php forech ($_POST as $k => $v) { $k = strtolower($k); $$k = trim($v); $$k = strip_tags($$k); } // Now, all your variables have been created, trimmed and stripped ?>
  14. Works for me: FF Win XP Pro
  15. It depends on what you're trying to do. When you call return false within an event handler (such as onclick), that's exactly what it does: returns false to the handler call, and therefore essentially stops all processing after that. If you'll define exactly what you're trying to do, we can help you write a JS function that will process everything, and then you can return a value (whether true, false or something entirely different) to the page.
  16. I would personally go with one range of characters and simply make it case insensitive for readability, but effigy may have an even better idea: <?php $newval = preg_replace('|[^-a-z\d \']|i', '', $val); ?>
  17. Rather than using functions, I would much rather see you pass your $inventory variable to your functions. Something like this: <?php function shop(&$inventory) { // Do your shop function here } // When you call shop(), pass in inventory shop($inventory); ?> The ampersand in front of the parameter in the function declaration allows you to pass the variable in by reference, meaning that you are using it the same way you would be if you made it global in scope.
  18. Here's a good one for you to look at: http://www.desilva.biz/php/timer.html
  19. From the PHP Manual: So, try this instead: <?php session_start(); if(isset($destroy)) { session_destroy(); unset($_SESSION['name']); } else { if(!isset($_SESSION['name'])) { $_SESSION['name'] = "Spike"; } } ?>
  20. I just reread my last post and realized it may have come across a bit harsh. Sorry if it had that slant to it, it was definitely not my intent. I totally understand the frustration with learning something new like that, too.
  21. Well I'll be... neylitalo, thanks! I had never noticed those nifty little links before Nononononononono! That would be horrible. That's how I reply to 99% of the topics I post to
  22. You could, but you'd be better off with a for loop: <?php $limit = 3; for ($i = 0; $i < $limit; $i++) { $line = $rss->items[$i]; // Display $line } ?>
  23. Umm... that's actually the core of Smarty. That's what you have to download and install. Have you gone through the tutorials or the crash course on the smarty website? That takes you through installation and setup of your first Smarty script... might be very useful at this point.
  24. Take a look at this example from the Magpie homepage. When you call fetch_rss(), it returns an object that you then need to pull apart to display what you want out of it: <?php require_once 'rss_fetch.inc'; $url = 'http://magpie.sf.net/samples/imc.1-0.rdf'; $rss = fetch_rss($url); echo "Site: ", $rss->channel['title'], "<br> "; foreach ($rss->items as $item ) { $title = $item[title]; $url = $item[link]; echo "<a href=$url>$title</a></li><br> "; } ?> Notice that the variable "$rss->items" holds an array of the feed items, so you can loop through that array and display those items as you see fit on your page.
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