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format number

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wanted to know if number_format or sprintf can be made to do this...

basically if a variable is a float then keep it a float, and round to 2 decimals.
if its not, keep it as an int (but dont include decimal point).

22.00 evaluates to 22
22.50 evaulates to 22.50
22.550 evaulates to 22.56

i guess i can do something ghetto like this, i was hoping sprintf might do soemthing fancy:
function blah($num)
$array = explode('.', $num);
$rightHandSideDecimal = $array[1];
if($rightHandSideDecimal == 0)
$newNumber = $array[0];
$rightHandSideRounded = round( ('.'.$array[1]), 2 );
$decArray = explode( '.', $rightHandSideRounded );
$newNumber = $array[0] .'.'. $decArray[1];

return $newNumber;

echo 'blah(22.0)='.  blah(22.0).'\n';
echo 'blah(22.00)='.  blah(22.00).'\n';
echo 'blah(22.50)='.  blah(22.50).'\n';
echo 'blah(22.500)='. blah(22.500).'\n';
echo 'blah(22.55)='.  blah(22.55).'\n';
echo 'blah(22.555)='. blah(22.555).'\n';
echo 'blah(22.5000)='.blah(22.5000).'\n';

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sprintf() takes fixed arguments, so you could probably do something like this:
if (ceil($num) == floor($num)) $format = "%d";
else $format = "%2f";

$newNum = sprintf($format, $num);
echo $newNum;

basically, all i'm doing is checking to see if the number has any value after the decimal with the floor() and ceil() comparison

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