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need a validating function

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#1 feri_soft

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Posted 30 August 2006 - 04:19 PM

I cant figure it out hopw to make a function to validate the input of a text field.For example the text field have a date which must be formated


can someone make this function or tell me how to do it.
So it could validate the field and if the input is not correct to return error msg...

Solution needed very much

#2 obsidian

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Posted 30 August 2006 - 04:33 PM

if you're wanting to make sure that there is data in the specified format, you're best bet is to use a regular expression match. something like this should help:
$date = "15.12.06";
if (!preg_match('|[0-3][0-9]\.[0-1][0-9]\.[0-9]{2}|', $date)) {
  // invalid format

this checks the following:
first digit is between 0 and 3 (allows for 01-31)
second digit is between 0 and 9
third digit is between 0 and 1 (allows for 01-12)
fourth digit is between 0 and 9 (allows for 01-12)
last two digits can be 0 through 9 (allows for 01-99)

this also helps make sure that only numbers have been entered.

hope this helps
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