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Got a php web program and need help

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Ive got a service management php based software and need some help making some changes and getting it to work properly.

My first question is it has 13 php files and 68 xml files, why would this be written in this way i have not seen anything with more than 1 or 2 xml's before? Is this going to make alterations difficult?

My demo is at if you fancy a look:-

user: testuser
pwd: test

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Your software could be doing a lot of things with the xml files...it could be generating them to store data, they could be used to store user settings for example.  It may use XSL to display data back to you.  The creator could have used the xml files in place of a database if he/she wanted.

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Ive had a look at the files and they seem to be used to put the data to the database and bring ti back for viewing (i think).

One piece that dosent seem to work is inputing the date in a service call. Is there anything wrong with this xml code?

[code]<service_visit type="date" >
<title>Visit Date</title>
<month format="int" default="now"/>
<day format="int" default="now"/>
<year from="2000" to="2010" default="now"/>

<hour separator=":" default="now" />
<minute default="now" />
</fields> [/code]

Where the drop down boxes to put the date in it just says [name] [name] [name] [name] [name] lots of times. I thin i have traced the right bit of code that does this.


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