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Limiting Login

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I am using php 5 and MySQL 4.0.18, and would like to accomplish the following on my page:

I would like to only limit the user to only login every 2 weeks for a period of 4 days. So for example, they can login in Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, but from that Wednesday to 2 weeks later they are not allowed to login, it should go to a countdown page saying you have xx days until you can login again.

Confusing? I am a partial newbie, but am getting better at php. Let me know if there is anything else I can contribute to try and explain better.

Thanks all.


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Couldn't you have a "last_login" field in your SQL table...then when someone tries to login, if the current date is 2 weeks from the day they last logged in then it sets a 4 day cookie and moves on but if not then it tells them how many days until they are permitted access?

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Well concept-wise
you're either going to have set up a cron job to update everyone in your databases remaining usage time, every day


have it run a script to check that every time they log in....

If you just have a small based thing I would go with the second option
just add some code to your login script, where after they've successfully logged in
it runs a check to see if they have lapsed their limit yet or not...

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