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Search query finds all results instead of categories

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So, I have a database with sports related articles, and I'm having problems with users running a specific search.

The user can search by author, category and 'containing text'. Despite that, it returns all articles listed in the database.

Another, nay, several pair of eyes would be appreciated.

$authors = @mysql_query('SELECT id, name FROM author');
if (!$authors) {
  exit('<p>Unable to obtain author list from the database.</p>');

$cats = @mysql_query('SELECT id, name FROM category');
if (!$cats) {
  exit('<p>Unable to obtain category list from the database.</p>');

<form action="articlelist.php" method="post">
<p>View articles satisfying the following criteria:</p>
<label>By author:
<select name="aid" size="1">
  <option selected value="">Any Author</option>
while ($author = mysql_fetch_array($authors)) {
  $aid = $author['id'];
  $aname = htmlspecialchars($author['name']);
  echo "<option value='$aid'>$aname</option>\n";
</select></label><br />
<label>By category:
<select name="cid" size="1">
  <option selected value="">Any Category</option>
while ($cat = mysql_fetch_array($cats)) {
  $cid = $cat['id'];
  $cname = htmlspecialchars($cat['name']);
  echo "<option value='$cid'>$cname</option>\n";
</select></label><br />
<label>Containing text: <input type="text" name="searchtext" /></label><br />
<input type="submit" value="Search" />

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You have no 'WHERE' clause in your SQL queries...

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