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My first PHP heavy web site


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damn 30c per click would be amazing. i made a site a long time ago (terrible site) while i was just learning. it was a picture site and i just uploaded my personal collection of pictures from the internet. (terribly illigal). i only made 1/2 cent per click because my site had no good keywords. I didnt think people made as much as 30 cents per click.

now I am reconsidering making another site and trying to make it real specific like yours. I could use some extra cash.

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I think the site is 1/2 the battle.. most visitors to mine only click thru about 10 pages but I'm able to get about 60 ad impressions from those 10 page views. I'm trying to figure out how to get 15 - 20. The other half of the battle is hitting the "streets" and getting people to the site for as cheap as possible. In 8 days I've averaged about $5.75 per day, which isn't bad for an unfinished site.

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I lied  :-\ how about more like 30 cents to a dollar? ;p


3. Communications Solely With Google. You agree to direct to Google' date=' and not to any advertiser or entity, any communication regarding any Ad(s), Metrics or Link(s) displayed in connection with Your Property(ies) and/or statistics by any bounding entity or software unless permitted by law.[/quote']


Meaning you're not allowed to post earnings/clickthru metrics without being terminated, hehe.

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