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Easy question - Logic help.

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Hey guys, having some trouble with my logic CAUSE I SUCKKK.

Here's what i'm trying to do. I have a Rating system (0-5 stars). I want to display the 'Top Rated Layouts' when I 'ORDER BY ranking' it works but it displays the first layouts that have been rated with 1 vote / 5 stars.. So, what I need it to do is display the actual TOP rated layouts for example.. If a layout has 3 votes, and its average ranking is still 5 stars, obviously it's better than the layout that has only 1 vote with 5 stars. I have tried 'ORDER BY (ranking*votes)' but that bumps say a layout with a average ranking of 4.80, with 3 votes to the second position above a layout that has like 2 votes with a 5.00 ranking average.

What am I doing wrong in my logic (I suck at math.)? What do I order by? Thanks for your time.

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Oh, wow didnt realize you could double order things like that... Pimp... haha glad i read this post :P

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