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change font size???


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can i change the font size of the information gatherd by this

[code]<center>Most Recent Posts </center>
<div style="border : solid 2px #ffffff; background : #094569; color : #ffffff; padding : 4px; width : 200px; height : 100px; overflow : auto; ">
<?php require("forum/SSI.php");
ssi_recentPosts(); ?>

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[quote author=runnerjp link=topic=106926.msg428486#msg428486 date=1157468803]
haha yer thats true..... so wat do i have to change in code then im confuzzeld lol

We don't have the code for that function. We can't tell you what to change. You do have the code for that function. Look through it to find out where there's screen output and modify to suit however you think best.
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i cant seem to find where this wud need changeing :S is it just me or is their a way
[code]ssi_recentPosts($num_recent = 8, $exclude_boards = array(), $output_method = 'echo')
global $context, $settings, $scripturl, $txt, $db_prefix, $ID_MEMBER, $user_info, $modSettings;

// Find all the posts.  Newer ones will have higher IDs.
$request = db_query("
m.posterTime, m.subject, m.ID_TOPIC, m.ID_MEMBER, m.ID_MSG, m.ID_BOARD, b.name AS bName,
IFNULL(mem.realName, m.posterName) AS posterName, " . ($user_info['is_guest'] ? '1 AS isRead, 0 AS logTime' : '
IFNULL(lt.logTime, IFNULL(lmr.logTime, 0)) >= GREATEST(m.posterTime, m.modifiedTime) AS isRead,
IFNULL(lt.logTime, IFNULL(lmr.logTime, 0)) AS logTime') . "
FROM ({$db_prefix}messages AS m, {$db_prefix}boards AS b)
LEFT JOIN {$db_prefix}members AS mem ON (mem.ID_MEMBER = m.ID_MEMBER)" . (!$user_info['is_guest'] ? "
LEFT JOIN {$db_prefix}log_topics AS lt ON (lt.ID_TOPIC = m.ID_TOPIC AND lt.ID_MEMBER = $ID_MEMBER)
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Nothing in that code would do anything like output to the screen.  All it does is create a database query.  Look through the code for something that outputs to the screen or has created some string that then gets set to an output function.
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[quote author=runnerjp link=topic=106926.msg428526#msg428526 date=1157470608]
is their a way to which i could send u the file.... pleaseee :D

No thanks.  I'm sure there are other readers here would will enjoy helping and/or seeing the solution as a learning aid.  Make a copy of the file, remove any information relating to passwords (if there is any), then save it as wombat.php[b]s[/b] and upload it to your server. Post the URL ... www.mysite.com/wombat.phps ... and then we can all look at it and offer help.
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