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How pass Parameters in URL

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I'm starting to learn Dreamweaver, PHP.. etc.


I have a real project I'm looking to impliment as I learn. Its a simple 2 page database search. I have 2 pages, 1 with search string field, and some radio buttons to limit the search, the second is my results page.


How do I pass along the parameters (string, radio buttons) after clicking the SEARCH button to the second page. These parameters will be used to define the sql query to display.



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I did something similar with a sight that I'm working on right now. I was pasing the 'order number' on to the following page(s) and calling certain fields from the MySQL db.


I used a variable of $ID as the variable to track


I used a hyper link:

echo "<a href='phpscript.php?pid=$id'> Click here to continue with order # $id </a>";


Using a '?' after the *.php page name allows to you send variables to the next page and have those variables acted on.


Next, we need to receive the info:

$id = $_GET['pid'];

$result=mysql_query("SELCT * FROM images WHERE id={$id}");


Good Luck


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