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Im creating a CMS system to run multiple websites.


The content and templates are all stored in a mysql database and the only use of files is for the php code/classes that generates the pages.


The problem I have is some of the pages generated from the CMS must allow for dynamic output hence I will need the use of PHP.


I know eval() can execute data e.g straight from a mysql database but that would pretty much allow a user to have some serious access to the system.


Can anyone think of a better solution? It would be good if I could use eval() alongside some good security limitations that stopped them from using certain functions related to reading files / delete functions.

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Your not exactly describing your issue very well, but it sounds to me like your design is floored somewhere.


I have a CMS that runs multiple (currently almost 300) web sites. Know where within this system do I need to store php within a database or allow clients to edit any php.

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