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too many menus...

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I just finished this page... [url=http://www.liquidcotton.com]www.liquidcotton.com [/url] . Thanks for the help for everyone who gave me tips..

I have one last problem...

Each item on this page has 2 menus associated with it. colors and keywords. there are also 2 menus at the top of the page...

For some reason whenever I get to 30 javascript menus on the entire page the page freezes up and won't load. I researched this online and found that IE can only handle 30 javascript menus at one time but there is an easy work around.

I can't find the work around anywhere.

Any tips... right now there are exactly 30 menus on the site and it works fine.. if I add another product it fails...and won't load the page...


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I haven't looked at the code that generates these menus, but my guess is that somehow they're all "visible" but hidden, different layers, etc., and not being properly toggled, such that all the menus are "rendered" but not noticable to the user.

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