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Textarea value

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I am trying to post the value of a textarea from one page to another, using a standard form post to send it and the $_POST[] to retrieve it, then set a new textarea with that value.  It works fine except that for every instance of a newline, it will show up as a "br /", and I would rather have nothing show up at all, just the newline.  I am using "str_replace("br /", "", $Message)" to get rid of it, but that does not seem to do anything for some reason.  Is there any other way around this?

(imagine the "br /"'s have brackets on them)


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Hmmm... Very interesting problem.

I tried this on my webserver and have no problems with the br tags.
The textarea on the second page looks perfect. The simple code I used was
[code]<textarea rows=20 cols=60>
echo $_POST['code'];
</textarea>[/code] Note that I am using WinXP. It might make a difference if your server is using *nix.

Here is a test to see where the problem lies.
Save the contents of the posted data to a file. Examine the file for the annoying br tags. If they are not there, PHP seems to be the culprit. I'd take a close look at the php.ini file.

If all fails, save the posted data to a file, then retrieve the file to display in the textarea on the second page. It's odd, but it may work!

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the code you have POSTing the data is using a function (n2blr i believe) which changes line breaks into html line breaks. Dunno how to get around it.

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