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Building a PHP Parser


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Hello everyone,

I am writing here because I've noticed there are no useful programs made for PocketPC to write php code.

So, until now, I've been using normal text editors to bring my job with me, but without colors I find it a little hard to read through the code.


So I have started writing a c++ program for Pocket Pc to highlight the code and change colors appropriately, as usual I mean.

Now, it would be very very nice if it were possible to allow my program to look for commonest pare errors, such as missing ", ', { and so on, but also calls to undefined functions and so on...


Now, although I'm quite good at programming, I have no experience at all about such a task... My dilemma is: do I have to write back again the parser? Or maybe, can I find a way to recompile php.exe for the proper operative system and then pass it the file to be parsed, getting back in the main program all the errors?


It would be very nice if some of you had any advice or suggestion... ;)


And, last but not least, sorry for my bad English, but I'm only 17 :P


Alessandro Pellegrini

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Well, I've come into zend_language_parser.c which seems to be the right file which parses the script before executing them...


Anyone has any advice about telling me how to implement such functions into my program?


Thanks in advance...

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I Hope that i am not too late alreay!


As far as php, i am a newbie ("As the name suggests") as far as C++, i been around the block.


i would prefer to use C# for mobile devices. especially for pocket pcs', in regards to Zend parser. it was meant for processors on desktops and laptops. but, i will check it out today, and start working on one, and hopefully, i will have something posted about it in the near future.


Kind Regards:








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