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Check Server Load

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Hey guys

I want to monitor some tings on my server

Does anyone know how to check Server Load

I am running
(and should be running 5.1.4 tomorrow)

I know how to check the Uptime
<?php $data = shell_exec('uptime'); $uptime = explode(' up ', $data);
$uptime = explode(',', $uptime[1]); $uptime = $uptime[0].', '.$uptime[1];
echo (''.$uptime.''); ?>

But I want to check Server Load (Yes, the whole server)
and is it possible to monitor Bandwidth on a certain page as well
(maybe add a lil script which gets the server load, and stores to a DB or something)

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This will get the server load.

$loadavg_file = @file_get_contents('/proc/loadavg');
$loadavg_file = explode(' ',$loadavg_file);
$loadavg = trim($loadavg_file[0]);

$uptime_exec= explode(' ',@exec('uptime'));

$loadavg= $uptime_exec[count($uptime_exec)-1];
else {
$loadavg= '--';

echo "Server load: {$loadavg}";

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